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Barb Wimmer
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Hi everyone

My first video on the new upgraded violin lab! Yay. I feel the changes are great and seem user friendly.  I am excited to navigate through. My challenge was youtube changes for some reason today, but I think it worked now. 

After loosening my bow hair and more rosin on bow,  I played another time (not this video) and I bounced less and it sounded a little better.

I was surprised this video  how bold the song sounds but I think I need to vary pressure because it is a little too loud and bold. My fingers need to work the muscles to get a more consistent crisp sound on each note. I put the up down bowing in and I am wondering about long bows and shorter bows to make it sound better and contemplating when to put pressure and not too much pressure to make it more crescendo?

And rhythm is always a challenge.

Suggestions appreciated on anything and everything of where to what to do next.  Thanks

Barb Wimmer
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Posted: November 8, 2019
Last Comment: November 9, 2019

Posted: November 9, 2019
I like your bowings, and I think if you use all the bow and don't lift, you will have it.

Barbara Habel
Posted: November 9, 2019
Dear Barb

I think it is great that you keep practicing this piece. You have already made progress and when you pull out this piece again and again you will walk on the path to mastery

Elke Meier
Posted: November 9, 2019
Barb, one of the surest recipes for getting bow bounces is a stiff right hand pinky, because if it is stretched it cannot act as a shock absorber. Watch your right hand pinky...

Barb Wimmer
Posted: November 9, 2019
Maybe I will close my eyes and try. Or maybe need to get long short bows figured out first?

Barb Wimmer
Posted: November 9, 2019
Maybe I am lifting my bow a bad habit I have had.  Good point may not be bow tight loose. Bowing I mean the up down bows I put in. But length of how challenging as sometimes I think there is better phrasing or the story gets told better instead of broken up stories if figuring out hmm short bow here long here mystery. 

Karen Egee
Posted: November 9, 2019
Nice! You have great intonation. I wonder, oddly enough, and i don't know for sure, but if you tighten your bow if it might be easier to get more of a flow between notes? It was bouncing before when it was tighter you said? Maybe if you tighten and then put a little more weight on it to get more control? I'm not sure I'm just speaking from my own tendency also to losen the bow but it often seems to backfire.

Posted: November 8, 2019
Well done Barb,

I am impressed with the improvement in your bowing and intonation.  Your rhythm has also improved so keep up the great work in all those areas.  I am not familiar with the bowing patterns but I get the impression there may not be so many off the string opportunities so perhaps staying a little bit more on the strings between the phrases.  There were a few  clips showing very flexible wrist action on up bows so well done if that was consistent throughout your playing.  Oh, and you kept a very straight bow and were very consistent on your sounding point as well.  I enjoyed watching and listening to you play "You Raised Me Up". 

Barb Wimmer
Posted: November 8, 2019
Thanks Tim. Connection of phrases I feel a little lost at like a guessing game

Timothy Smith
Posted: November 8, 2019
Hi Barb,

This is really nice! Lovely tune and playing!

 A few small details that may or may not be causing issues. It seems that your bow looked to possibly be a little to slack?? Maybe this is contributing to some of the bow issues. 
I should watch this again to see if you are maybe not using enough of the bow? I don't have the notation to that song, but it seems I remember the longer notes being held out for more time.Thinking in terms of connecting passages and flow instead of chunks of sound might help if you are not doing that already.