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Barb Wimmer
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Playing slowly, thinking I need to put bowline info on this song, a little challenging as it is very fast. Needing to maybe take it even slower, so tempting to get faster and faster but then I miss notes. Suggestions welcome.  
Barb Wimmer
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Posted: October 6, 2019
Last Comment: October 8, 2019

Posted: October 8, 2019
It's obvious you really like this piece and just want to be able to sight read it, but I agree this is a more advanced piece because of the string crossings and tempo. What you could do is play through at a very slow tempo (40 bpm or not much higher) without worrying about bowings or rhythms, to familiarize yourself with the notes for intonation and just an overall feel for the piece. Then start again, but just one measure at a time with one note from the following measure. The first three measures are tremolo at the tip (not the lower half where you played them.) Truly, this piece would be a good project and really fun to do. I would say avoid playing through because each measure needs to be prepared carefully to get it to sound its best. Yes, the bowline for sure, are you familiar with Musescore? It's free and pretty easy to use after learning a few shortcut keys, especially if you didn't start the file from scratch, which I ended up doing, and it took me days. But here is a Lindsey Sterling Crystallize Musecore file already entered, that you could use to play along with, and also to make a bowline by copying what's there and creating a stave beneath each line of music to enter your bowline on.

Timothy Smith
Posted: October 8, 2019
Judging from the pictures hanging behind you there must be a lot of "training" going on in this room :):)....no need to attempt to crack a smile at that one. It was pretty lame :P

......So if trying to pick up the speed on this gradually I'm wondering if you are using enough wrist as opposed to arm movement ? Arm movement is minimized over smaller moves with the fingers and wrist.I hope I'm not sending you down the wrong track on this one. 

Barbara Habel
Posted: October 7, 2019
Dear Barb

I can not say much about the piece of music - but I can say what I see at 3:50 in your video.

Watch your first finger against the fingerboard - it is "very low" - this means that your whole handframe is very low.

Your whole handframe should be raised "higher" above the fingerboard so that the first finger at the crease between hand and finger is level with the upper part of the fingerboard.

Try it and see whether it improves the motion of your vibrato.