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Barbara Habel
This discussion includes members-only video content

Update after some polishing.......

Comments and suggestions welcome!!!
Barbara Habel
11 Responses
Posted: July 19, 2019
Last Comment: July 23, 2019

Timothy Smith
Posted: July 23, 2019
Hey Barbara, I want to listen to this one closer later on. What I heard sounded very nice!

Jaime - Orlando , Fl
Posted: July 21, 2019
Barbara, WELL DONE!
It is a beautiful rendition which I enjoyed immensely!
Hard work... lots of practice... PAID OFF IN MULTIPLES!!!

BRAVO!!! :0)

Posted: July 20, 2019
<Like shifting from 1st position B to 2nd position C. And 1st position C to 3rd position D. All on the A string.>

Ooh, those shifts are challenging. Those half step considerations throw me off as well. Are you using the hybrid shift (video 259)? That way maybe you can hear it as you approach.

Barbara Habel
Posted: July 20, 2019
Dear Elizabeth

Your kind words go down a real treat.

Yes tender is what it is supposed to sound. Thank you very much.

Barbara Habel
Posted: July 20, 2019
Dear Elke

Thank you for your kind words. My recital is next Wednesday.
My first reaction to your writing was:  "well if I play that well at the recital I will be very happy."

It made me aware of my negative thinking about my playing at recitals. I "did" not expect to play that well at the recital. So now I am focusing on thinking that I will "do" well at the recital. I give myself "permission" to do well at the recital.

So thank you for thinking it was the recital already. You know the background of the room where the recital are held.

Thank you for having taught me that valuable lesson.

Dear Dianne

Thank you for noticing an improvement. There are still things I want to improve upon. Like shifting from 1st position B to 2nd position C. And 1st position C to 3rd position D. All on the A string.

Dear Maria

I have the sheetmusic for the Ave Maria by Caccini. I tend to buy all music I like and then the music has to wait for its turn when I am ready to play it. Lots of pretty music sitting in my shelf.

Thank you Maria for your compliments for my playing.

Dear Kate

The first start to playing that music is by getting the sheetmusic and then listening to the music whilst looking at the notes. Internalise the music and the sheetmusic.

I am looking forward to you playing this piece - or any other piece you may choose to play for us.

Thank you for enjoying my playing.

Dear Valerio

Thank you for your kind words about my playing.

The next video by me is most likely the Wohlfahrt Etude #31. Itīs all in 3rd position.

What are you working on? Can you post a video of it?

Elizabeth (Oklahoma)
Posted: July 20, 2019
Greetings Barbara!

That was quite beautiful!  Congratulations ~~ very well played ~~ so very sweet and tender!

Musically yours,  Elizabeth  *8>)

Valerio de Franchis
Posted: July 20, 2019
Barbara congratulations! I find your playing so sweet and expressive. Well done! Looking forward to hear more from you! :)


Posted: July 20, 2019
Barbara, that was lovely! It's one of the pieces I really want to play one day (in the distant future) - really enjoyed it.

Posted: July 19, 2019
Dear Barbara,

That was so lovely to listen to...

 Congratulations, beautiful recital!

You may try to do the Ave Maria series...Schubert and Caccini. There was another one by another composer but can't find it. So in the meantime I will continue on these TRES MARIA'S variant. 


Posted: July 19, 2019
It really has improved, Barbara! You have really put in the work!

Elke Meier
Posted: July 19, 2019
Wow, Barbara, that was a beautiful recital! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! What an achievement!