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6 Am

Good morning,

This is what I do to break away from a current assignment, I take several clean copies of music manuscript to practice different approach/route on shifting and finger placement. Decide and determine which sounds the best and ergonomic, interestingly, I enjoy doing it and experimenting. A good brain exercise besides relieving boredom and a great task/spacer to rest from your current project/piece.

Thanks classmates...
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Posted: July 19, 2019
Last Comment: July 19, 2019

Posted: July 19, 2019

Running late...

Thank you Tim, I need to practice more on the new shifting/finger placement that I was experimenting on and need to work also on page 2, I haven't tried and added the new finger placement and shifting. 

Goodnight, time to go to work...

P.S. [previous response---> Thank you for your comment on my post, appreciate it much...The violin/instrument I was using on my practice video is Angelina, a maestro Gliga viola 14 inch I turned into violin...I like how she sings and prefer using her for my practice. The sound of an instrument can sometimes inspire you to practice more and persevere.

Timothy Smith
Posted: July 19, 2019
This sounds so nice! You are squeezing some great stuff out of that instrument. What a great way to break away from routine in a constructive way.

Posted: July 19, 2019

I am only to page one, I'm planning to change that  3rd octave C instead of hopping/crossing, I will try to slide into or get it on the A string so the flow of the sound does not get interrupted.

It is fun project for me, truly enjoyed doing it.