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Hi all :)
Yesterday I watched the series on Scales and was so excited about the way Beth made a perfect system for playing 3 octave Scales, I couldn't wait to start trying it, and boy oh boy I learned a lot.
I got to see what happens "behind the scenes" when shifting, also learned a great deal about positions and how to create an alternate route to get to the destination, Beth was totally right it gave me such confidence when I knew exactly where to go. 
I did make a challenging fingering which to be honest before knowing this would have seemed so scary and intimidating to me, especially (Position 4-5-7) but after applying everything Beth said, One: I memorized the fingering so fast like the back of my hand, Two: I expanded my knowledge on where the notes are, Three: I can honestly say that I feel no intimidation or fear when approaching those tricky positions, Four: Minimized the times I make mistakes with intonation which is pretty awesome!, Five: When you do things yourself they tend to stick in your mind lol rather than following what Scale books suggest

I've attached in this post  my personal fingering and also crammed as much information as I possible could in the sheet music (using musescore) for this scale (G Major) so anyone can use it or correct it if you notice mistakes or things that can be added.

Thank you all :)

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Posted: July 18, 2019
Last Comment: July 20, 2019

Posted: July 20, 2019
Thank you for commenting, Keep at it eventually something will click and you'll be able to do it cleanly 
Best of luck to you Dianne 

Thank you Beth am learning so much from this method, I'll keep the timing of shifts in mind 

Beth Blackerby
Posted: July 18, 2019
I'm so thrilled, Ayoub!! This has made my day. I'm glad you experienced the same things I did when using this "building the scaffold" method. 

What I'd also like you to feel is the more sharpened awareness of the timing of the shifts. So after you play the scaffold with the metronome, holding each scaffold note it's appropriate length, then play the scale with one note for each metronome click. The shifts will then be in the same place and you will feel the correct timing in a new way.

Posted: July 18, 2019
Hi Ayoub, long time no see! Thank you for sharing your GM scale sheet- you are doing great!

GM is just the scale I am working on also, but with the acceleration exercise at this point. This morning I was working in what felt like slow motion (2 subdivisions @ 80bpm) with the metronome to play 6 note up bow slurs, and try to get the string crossings to the D string smooth. It's working, but it takes time. Don't you find that while working on scales, you can work on an area that crops up in pieces, and it somehow all falls into place unexpectedly?  Beth talked about almost a double stop textured feeling with upbow slurs onto the D string, something I have never been able to do until this morning. I'm so excited @ this. Even though I struggle with my piece, my string crossings somehow seem to be having some kind of a breakthrough. It's all good!