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Arthur Mendez
Well,  I got my copy of Franz Wohlfahrt FOUNDATION STUDIES FOR THE  VIOLIN: BOOK 1.   Wow 60 first position studies (from Opp. 45,54,74)

tap, tap, tap....where to begin.... i guess page 1

Beth, where is the best place to start? 
Any suggestions?
Arthur Mendez
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Posted: July 8, 2019
Last Comment: July 10, 2019

Beth Blackerby
Posted: July 10, 2019
Art, I think Elke has provided a wonderful recommendation. Use the etudes to compliment what you're doing in other pieces. I always say " make the etudes work for you, not the other way around". 

Elke Meier
Posted: July 9, 2019
Arthur, did you see that Wohlfahrt is included in Beth's syllabus? There are tutorials for a number of them. Check it out from "Beginning Level 3". That has the first one.

Here is my own approach to Wohlfahrt: At one point I listened to the whole CD and marked the etudes I really liked. Some of them sound - well, like etudes... But some of them are very melodic and beautiful. Those I marked in the table of contents. The others I practice because etudes are focused practice and actually save you time in the long run. But these ones I practice for fun :)! 

I also marked in the table of content the key signature of each of the etudes. So, when a piece with a new key appears I do scales in that key, but often I also go to an etude in that key. And in the tutorials Beth mentions sometimes what the special focus of this etude is. This I also noted down in the table of content. Then, for example, when plain finger taps are just too boring I go to one of the pinky buster etudes instead. 

Rachel Barton Pine in her book has pages full of bowing patterns for some of the etudes. I have to confess that I don't go through all of them systematically. 52 times etude 1... well... But I go there selectively as changing the bowing pattern is a good teacher for independence.