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Kobe Tsang
Hi everyone, 

I'm an absolute newbie who only picked up a violin for the first time 2 days ago! I've always wished I had picked this up when I was a kid but have finally decided that its now or never. Feeling really excited to be on this journey with you all !

Kobe Tsang
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Posted: July 5, 2019
Last Comment: July 7, 2019

Beth Blackerby
Posted: July 7, 2019
Welcome, Kobe! I am always heartened to hear that you are practicing with a tuner from the very beginning. Ideally though use a tuner that emits pitch so that you can make sure you're responding to what you hear and not what you see when looking at a tuner.

Also, a nice bow will make a difference with tone and articulation, but doesn't on its own make the bow move in a straighter path.  That said, a better bow will track and grab the string better which will in turn make it easier for the hair to stay in its lane. 

Susan Hollister
Posted: July 5, 2019
Great, Kobe! and Welcome! This is a great place to be encouraged at every stage of musical development!

Timothy Smith
Posted: July 5, 2019
Welcome Kobe!

I wish you well on your violin journey!

Posted: July 5, 2019
Welcome Kobe! Be sure to post a video so Beth can help to see your posture. This is a pivotal time for you where you are developing muscle memory for everything that you do in your posture. List the video as 'unlisted' and only VLab subscribers will be able to help with your video.

Elke Meier
Posted: July 5, 2019
Kobe, a good bow makes a HUGE difference in playing. However, just as a word of caution: you not being able to keep a bow completely straight after two days of practicing has probably not much to do with the bow you use. Don't expect to master in a couple of days what others struggle with for a couple of years... ;)

Posted: July 5, 2019
A warm welcome from an island off the west coast of Canada!  This is a very active, fun, and huge site which is run by our fabulous teacher, Beth.

Best advice, I think, is to first visit the video lessons heading, and there you will find, at the top, two videos which will THE BEST INTRODUCTION to the entire site and how to navigate around the site.

Best of luck with your life long journey with music and playing the violin.  Bon Voyage!


Kobe Tsang
Posted: July 5, 2019
Thanks for everyone's welcome and encouragement. 
I've been practicing like 3-4 hours a day for the past 2 days. 
Its so hard to keep the bow perpendicular to the strings at all times, I realise the angle of the bow needs to change as it comes up. Have also being practicing with the tuner alot to make sure I hit the right pitch. My bow is one of those light plastic ones, should I get a heavier wooden bow ? Do you guys think it would help? 

Elke Meier
Posted: July 5, 2019
Welcome, Kobe (or is Tsang your first name?), as a fellow learner with this wonderful instrument! Have you discovered the Syllabus on the Resources page? That will help you to structure your learning. And don't hesitate to post your questions - best with a video. It is so much easier to see a question than to just read about it. 

Happy practicing!

Sonia Lancaster
Posted: July 5, 2019
Welcome Kobe! You’ve picked an amazing instrument and I hope you enjoy your journey.


Barb Wimmer
Posted: July 5, 2019
Never too late I say. Great Kobe your excitement will be great - toward your success in playing violin -lots of fun learning and progressing I think we all do. Great videos of Beth to follow and learn from.  Looking forward to hearing you play.