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Susan Hollister
In these two pieces, when there is an A note, should we use open string or should we stretch and use the 4th finger?
Susan Hollister
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Posted: July 2, 2019
Last Comment: July 3, 2019

Susan Hollister
Posted: July 3, 2019
Thank you, very much!

Beth Blackerby
Posted: July 2, 2019
Susan, I should have put some finger numbers! I actually thought I had. Nina has all 4th fingers (Eb) on the A string, so the As can be all played open A. 

In the Kentucky melody the only necessary 4th fingers are in all those measures: 11, 15, 25, 19 where the very last A following the G needs to stay on the D string.

Thanks for asking!

Posted: July 2, 2019
Hi Susan,

On my practice with Nina I just used open string, but you can try 4th finger and see which is easier for you...