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Still working on this piece, trying to fit all the segments together most especially the turns and M-28 that was eluding me earlier on my practice...

Recorded on: JULY 1, 2019
                       06:30 Am
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Posted: July 1, 2019
Last Comment: July 6, 2019

Posted: July 6, 2019
the link for Barbara

Posted: July 6, 2019

Dear Barbara,

If you click the "house" image then  it'll be under the "recently added videos" and look for "2 beautiful pieces for low1st and 4th finger"

Hope you'll find it, not sure how to put it in a link...



Thank you much...I will listen at it again appreciate much your comment/advice.

Barbara Habel
Posted: July 6, 2019
Dear Maria

I can not find the tutorial for the piece you are playing: Nena

Can you let me know where it is?

Thank you

Sonia Lancaster
Posted: July 2, 2019
Well done on progressing with this Maria, you now get all the notes in. The rhythm is a little out though since the notes 2,3,4 are triplets and played faster than the surrounding quavers (8th?) notes. Beth does a great demonstration in the video.

That said, I like the way you play it as well :)

Posted: July 1, 2019

FYI: Today, I used my Gliga student level violin I named Nena, bought her early part in 2017 as my travel violin when I joined the VL-MC in England same year. Her strings are Tonica circa 2017 and the bow I used is Luma [Coda] slathered with Andrea P. dark green rosin.

More info:
1 xAntiqued 4/4 Student \'GEMS 2\' Violin
  - Bow: CHOS Student Brazilwood Octagonal Violin Bow
  - Case: Light CCVD1 Dark Blue/Black Case
  - Tailpiece Type: Standard with Four Fine-Tuners Tailpiece
  - Strings Type: Romanian Steel 4/4 Violin Strings
  - Shoulder-Rest: Everest Adjustable Shoulder Rest
  - Instrument Code: C4626


Info on my violin Angelina

1 xKUN Super Adjustable Shoulder Rest
  - Bow: M2 Maestro Braided Carbon Fiber Round Viola Bow
  - Case: A5-110 Dark Blue/Black Case
  - Tailpiece Type: Standard with One Fine-Tuner Tailpiece
  - Strings Type: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Viola Strings
  - Shoulder-Rest: No Shoulder Rest
  - Instrument Code: B6562


Bow info: May 8, 2016

Condition: New - *** Authorized CodaBow Dealer. *** Free Priority Mail Shipping to US