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I worked hard on this. I performed it for family today and it went fairly well. Then I could not get through it in front of the camera until I sat a family member behind the camera for some reason! Comments for improvement welcome!
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Posted: June 13, 2019
Last Comment: June 14, 2019

Posted: June 14, 2019
Thank you, will do! I learn so much here!

Beth Blackerby
Posted: June 14, 2019
Dianne, I hear some nice things happening with articulation. Stylistically you're totally on track. I think though the lifted strokes at the very beginning need to happen closer to the hand. You're landing the bow after the lifts too much in the middle, (i.e. weaker) part of the bow. I think you'll control it better loser to the frog.  Also be careful with the D#s at like the 3:27 mark. You're changing a few D#s to open Ds. The accidental holds through the measure. Lastly, I think you could start working on more consistent tempi. Basically the faster sections are slowing down pretty far under the tempo of the beginning. It's ok to put in a little "meno mosso" for difficult sections, but we still need to work to keep them from becoming too mismatched to thematic tempi.

Hope I made sense.

Posted: June 14, 2019
Hi Barb thanks. Yes, that wrist! I see it. An old problem due to tension in the left shoulder probably. I'm working that spiccato everyday now so as to get better at it with the goal being that beautiful brisk stroke that Beth does! Playing this piece from start to finish in one go was quite a challenge. Once I started, I had to believe I could finish it, knowing that DS section was coming at the end no matter what happened up front. I think that's what makes this piece so hard. And the shifts. Lots to work on. Thanks again.

Barbara Habel
Posted: June 14, 2019
Dear Dianne

That was quite a mouth full. DS were a challenge. You played them well whilst looking at the sheetmusic. I can do DS only when looking at the strings. I have tried to play them when looking elsewhere and it is certainly a challenge. And you mastered that already. Congratulations.

I would only object to the fixed fingering hand elbow. You do the fingering hand (your left) string changes with changing your wrist instead of swinging the elbow more under the violin. Your elbow stayed pretty much fixed in a position for the D and G strings even when you played the A and E strings.

Everything else I heared and saw were:
- air shifting (only on some shifts, not on all)
- hopping/sliding bow with spicatto (only rarely)
- longer bows needed (were already mentioned)

You had some nice vibrato. You did well on the DS but tensed up more during playing the DS.

Congratulations to having gotten through a pretty demmanding long piece. You did really well. Congratulations!!!

Posted: June 14, 2019
Thank you for the feedback. It is interesting @ the space, as I played it under cathedral ceilings and seemed to play better getting the feedback in sound. Then I moved to the smaller room where I practice to record this and everything sounded a bit drier. Next time I think I will try recording in the larger area to see if it makes a difference. I'll take any help I can get!

Yes, full bows, thank you!

What I notice in my playing (lots of things!) that stands out is something Beth commented on in another piece I was playing, and that is that I definitely rush the bow change at the tip, giving the tip a little whip like movement that causes a swell. I don't hear the swell yet as my ear needs more training to hear that but I can certainly see it... Also, those DS were just not that great in many respects, I had the things going from the tutorial for bow arm and dynamics and they went out the window when the camera came on. Also, keeping the total relaxation in the hand for the DS is what I need to still work on. For family, it worked pretty well to keep the hand relaxed, and they were sounding good, but here the hand fatigued because it was not kept relaxed.

So I'll work on these and please keep the comments coming- it really helps!
-bigger recording space
-full bows
-slower changes at the tip
-relaxed hand during DS

Posted: June 14, 2019
Wow Dianne, what a lot to take on! Lyrical bits, playful bits, tricky little spiccato-y bits... And you played it start to finish without a hitch, in steady tempo. I'm very impressed. My one question would be, I'm wondering what would happen if you used longer bow strokes where possible and also started the note a bit more toward the frog. It seems there are opportunities for this, like the passage that starts at 1:06 (i.e. if say, you started the up-bow in the centre so that you finished at the frog, then used a full half-bow for each note in the hook). But great job!

Timothy Smith
Posted: June 14, 2019
Wow that's some nice playing there. I can tell it must have taken a lot of work. A many faceted kind of piece, so you were using multiple skills here. Congrats on it!

I wish this could be heard in a larger space. You seem to have similar constraints to me here playing in a smaller space. This would really soar alongside a small orchestra or string section in an auditorium.