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Wonderful world
Hi Beth, do you have any lesson videos on 5th position shifting and Suzuki book 5 and above? Thank you.
Wonderful world
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Posted: May 10, 2019
Last Comment: May 17, 2019

Wonderful world
Posted: May 17, 2019
Thank you Dianne and Beth.

Posted: May 11, 2019
Hi Wonderful World, I'm dabbling in Book 5 as well, and those pieces I believe are coming in the future. The 2nd piece in the book is there now. The 1st piece appears in the Practice Course, so discussion of it is there. It's true, Book 5 is the 1st place that 5th position is indicated, if I am remembering correctly, but the mechanics of shifting in the tutorials here cover any position. If you use the guide finger, you will never miss the shift, but practicing the 'sound' and also the timing of the shift, remains a great challenge. 5th position requires the movement of the thumb to the crook of the neck, and I believe that is also demonstrated in one of the shifting tutorials. It's been so long since I viewed them, I cannot remember exactly where.

I also note that sometimes students go through the 1st 4 books of Suzuki, and then branch out into student concertos and other repertoire at that point, to explore other time periods of music, and at the same time managing to learn the same techniques that they need to progress, along with a sequence of advanced etudes and exercises. I think it really depends on the studio. I for one do like the Books because I am used to the flow of them, and it gives me a sense of direction, much like looking up a piece to see where it falls. There is a lot of repertoire at the Mastery Level here, including the Book 5 piece. Enough to keep me busy for a very long time.

Beth Blackerby
Posted: May 11, 2019
Hello Wonderful world. I do have a few videos that talk about playing in those positions. Videos #310, 312 I believe at least have some reference to that. I would appreciate if after you see the Position videos, that whatever questions you still have you ask. That way I'll know what still needs to be developed in the curriculum.