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Thought I would start a new stream of discussion that is related to the New Years Resolution post.  That is the steps I am taking to achieve my goal of learning the rhythm for 5 new pieces of music in 6 months.

  1. I am pledging to play those 5 pieces, every day, even if it is for 'only' 10 minutes on each piece.  It could be 10 minutes this hour or 20 minutes a different time, but the important part is consistency. 
  2. I am initially using a 3 prong approach:  Focusing on rhythm, right hand, and left hand.  At some point those  3 areas will converge.  I am hoping by the beginning of May all 5 pieces will be at full tempo.
  3. Rhythm:  I started, this week, in clapping and stepping the rhythm.  I use a metronome app called: Pro Metronome.  This app is great.  It is free and of course there is an option to pay for other features.  Not sure of the cost.  What is really good is that there is a practice tempo feature with 3 settings.  So if the performance tempo is 100 bpm the tempo can be set to incrementally increase, say 50%,75%, and finally full tempo.  I use this a lot.  I am hoping by the end of next week I will be able to also hum or sing (with no one else around :)))  ).  After, perhaps a week of that I will be ready to use the right hand.  Also, I will listen to a good recording of all 5 pieces and follow along reading the sheet music.  This I have already started.  Goal date is January 24.
  4. Right Hand: I will find a slow enough  tempo today so that I will start learning the correct bowing and bow distribution for each piece.  This sounds similar to Number 3, but for me it is very different.  My right hand goal is to be at full tempo by March 15.
  5. Left Hand: I am following as many tips as I can manage from Beth's videos and comments on the comment page.  Consistency is key here along with focused practice with apps such as: Intonia.  The Goal date will be March 15. 
This plan will give me about 2-3 months to woodshed problem areas and to have more 5 pieces that I will be able to continuously work on past the deadline.  By the middle of June I hope to be to play one of these pieces with someone else.  Or even in front of someone.  Who knows.  Then I start on another group of music.  :)))

Again, enough about how and what mini deadlines I need in order to complete my 2019 goal.  How about you'all?  What resources will you bring to bare to accomplish your 2019 goal?  I, for one, would love to know. 

Here's to 2019.

pro Metro
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Posted: January 10, 2019
Last Comment: January 10, 2019

Posted: January 10, 2019
Ray, you are amazingly methodical... I am all applause! I am fairly chaotic in general but am making a concerted effort to become more systematic in 2019. ;)

This year I'm really focusing on technique, specifically, increasing dexterity and improving intonation. My "steps" to this are to simply spend an hour a day on scales and études. Currently I am struggling (mightily!) with 3-octave Gs and As, using MusicWrench's "acceleration" feature to start slow and then increase tempo, going from two notes per bow to sixteen. After that I tackle various exercises in Schradieck and Wohlfahrt. I actually love scales and études... some of the little melodies are so pretty, they send me into a little trance.

Later on, I might squeeze in a little "repertoire," but just for fun. I'm not working on any pieces in particular for the moment, just recycling ones I already know.

Barb Wimmer
Posted: January 10, 2019
That sounds great Ray. You continue to make great progress and meet your goals-you do well.