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Edgar N
Hi everyone,

I have been a member since June 2018. I am now really familiar with all the amazing resources this platform and community has to offer to learners at all stages. I am now in the mid of Suz B2 (Waltz) trying to master timing and bowing. I reviewed Beth's video on the mater in the video lessons, and it's been very helpful. Thanks Beth. 

I am trying to find violin resources for my 4-year son, who's now good on the piano, knows measures, beat, notes, tempo, timbre, has a good ear. I am trying to find ideas for pre-Suz1 etc. It would be great Beth if you can develop some material for 3-5 years old to help parents in guiding their children in the leap to Suz material. 
So far he's been listening to the Suz1 book recording and has developped a good ear the music, I rented for him 1/8 violin, and he's grown accustomed to holding it with the bow.

Edgar N
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Posted: November 8, 2018
Last Comment: November 9, 2018

Beth Blackerby
Posted: November 9, 2018
Edgar, I don't know of a site that specializes in Pretwinkle videos similar to this but you could take your knowledge and apply it to some the concepts in these great books.

Games and Motivation for the Suzuki Violin Student - by Diane Wagstaff
Step by Step Books by Kerstin Wartberg

Edgar N
Posted: November 9, 2018
Thanks Elke,

This is a great suggestion!


Barbara Habel
Posted: November 8, 2018
Dear Edgar

If you give: 
pre Twinkle violin    
into your search engine you will get a lot of suggestions. There is stuff already out there.

God bless and happy practicing to father and son

Elke Meier
Posted: November 8, 2018
Have you tried the first "Strings Fun and Easy" book by David Tasgal? It really IS fun! Wonderful accompaniment! And it goes much slower than Suzuki (like it adds one finger at a time for the left hand). Here is a link: Strings Fun and Easy. On the website you also find samples. I tried the first few pieces with my young student and she really got into it and had such fun - even though she is already 13... But her bowing changed as she got into the feel of the music :). It was fun for me to watch.
I first heard about it on the Youtube channel of my favorite violinist, Leila Warren. She finished the first book when she was four:
This sounds already very sofisticated, but the book starts with open strings only, as you can see by the samples on their website.