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This performance has stunning bow usage! Could it use a little varied color also to make it more interesting, or is the strong soloistic tone from tip to frog appropriate for this piece?
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Posted: November 6, 2018
Last Comment: November 8, 2018

Janet Doherty
Posted: November 8, 2018
"pivoting point of contact finger when the other fingers bend".... is there a specific video anyone can direct me to to understand this a bit better?

Thanks in advance.

Beth Blackerby
Posted: November 7, 2018
"Dead fish", that's funny, Lesley. The flick is the pivoting of the contact point in the index finger, when the other fingers bend. 

Dianne, I think you nailed it. My observation is that there is a general aesthetic in certain schools of performing where the goal is to always play with a very strong, sustained, Romantic sound.... done with that style of bow hand. You can see by how far the index finger rides up the bow.

Posted: November 7, 2018
Very inspiring! She does that little "flick" thing (when she reaches the frog or tip) that all good players seem to do. Beth does it too, you can see it in her videos. My own bow hand looks more like a dead fish :-( Wondering what the key is to that flick! Will keep trying...

Posted: November 7, 2018

Oml! Such bow control and power!

Wished we could have even a bit of her skills...

I can't play fast at all, I'm a tortoise type of violinist/violin student lol!!!

Thank you for sharing Dianne...