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Elke Meier
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My favorite violinist has posted another video, this time performing in a quartet. She is nine by now, playing on a half size violin. Since she plays the first violin in this piece she is sitting at such an angle that it gave a really good view on her bow arm mechanics and use of the (full!) bow. And I was once more really impressed by her playing! Just watch how little shoulder movement she needs and how freely her elbow moves. Especially visible in fast parts (like 2:20)...
Elke Meier
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Posted: July 11, 2018
Last Comment: July 11, 2018

Posted: July 11, 2018
She's getting some really good training and of course has the talent for it!

Janice Branley
Posted: July 11, 2018
Absolutely delightful!  What a treasure that video is, for years to come.....  Such an inspiration. Thanks Elke.