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Hi everyone. Here's my first short Video of me playing the Intro of my Song "ViolinMeetsGuitar". Don't worry ! Of course i do also my daily praktice working on Beth`s great teaching units here on violinlab :-)  Now i'm playing just over three weeks, and i'm thinking about to buy another, traditional Violin. All Tips to improve my playing are preferable.

Thank You !



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Posted: August 27, 2011
Last Comment: August 28, 2011

Posted: August 28, 2011

Hi Anne,

Thank you for that compliment!

Yes indeed, playing the own Songs is quite cool - but only for a pretty while. I also think it is even more important to spent the focus on practicing on traditional material e.g. Bach's "Für Elise" or Vivaldi, or something other. If i disregard this, the risk will be to drone out allways the same stuff every and every day. After a while the most people put down the new Intrument related of frustration. Mhmm. I don't know how to explain what i really mean. >Like children do with new toys<  This is not the way to learn an intrument.

From time to time it is absolutely okay breaking out for trying other Stuff to emulate great Stars like Vanessa mae or other. It is good for understanding how this people play. 

But i think it is very important to find always the way "back to the roots".

Currently i'm working on "Sad Romance". A really great Song ! But there are many miles before i can play that song like Thao Nguyen Xanh :-)

Let's take on thing at a time :-)


Anne aMaudPowellFan
Posted: August 28, 2011
Hi Gavin, just to let you know that I enjoyed listening to you playing your own music. That's real special!

Posted: August 27, 2011

Hi Beth,

You are right ! After i've seen myself on the video i did never noticed that my hands are so large. Oops! It is certainly tricky to bring my hand in the right position for easier use the pinky. I think i have to enforce my thumb on the neck with glue to learn this :-)

Also i will spent more attention of your tip with the enhancement of  bow hold.

Thank you Beth !

I'll never give up :-)



Beth Blackerby
Posted: August 27, 2011
Cool Gavin!  I can tell you are a musician, and a guitarist!! You're holding the neck like a guitarist! Your hands are quite large, and if you let the neck rest in the crook (palm) of your hand, it will make it difficult to use the pinky. I know it feels weird, but try and bring the hand down so that the pad of the thumb is touching the neck.  Also your bow arm is functioning well (yay!) but your bow hold....try and let your middle two finger hang over. It will be so much better for your tone that way.  Great start. It's so wonderful that you're playing your own music!