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Please feel free to point out any mistakes/bad habits I have. All comments are welcome.
Thank you.

5 Responses
Posted: November 18, 2017
Last Comment: November 23, 2017

Posted: November 23, 2017
Thank you so much for all your kind comments! I will pay attention to my posture in the future. My head didn't tilt as much in my old videos when I used a shoulder rest, maybe I do need one.

Elke Meier
Posted: November 19, 2017
Xing, have you discovered Beth's new video about Violin Hold? I think in it you will see what Barbara refers to. 

Posted: November 18, 2017
The video response was so helpful. Great progress for 9 months!

Barbara Habel
Posted: November 18, 2017
Dear Xing

What strickes me the most is that your head is tilted sideways as you hold the violin with your cheek and not with your chin. You play without a shoulder rest and I think that is ok for you. I play without one too. But your chin rest needs to be higher and in the middle of the violin. Try a low SAS one or better still go to a luthier. This way you can try out various chin rests without having to purchases them. But then you have to change the position of your head to be upright above your spine. It will prevent pain that may kreep into your playing.

I liked the piece and you did well with it. Beth´s advice is a gem.

Beth Blackerby
Posted: November 18, 2017
This discussion includes members-only video content