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Beth Blackerby
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Beth Blackerby
6 Responses
Posted: October 23, 2017
Last Comment: October 24, 2017

Beth Blackerby
Posted: October 24, 2017
Urban, it is absolutely standard practice to let people take instruments home on approval. "On approval" is the industry term, os that's how you would ask the shop. Some shops will take a credit card number in case you flee the country with the instrument never to return ;)

Robyn Stirling
Posted: October 24, 2017
Hi Katja,
If you think your violin just needs some adjustments why don't you go to the nicer luthier with your teacher under the pretext of trying out a new bow and ask about the adjustments? While there if you find a bow you like you could ask to use it on some of his violins and see how they feel to you :) I'm of the opinion that snobbishness will get you nowhere so more fool on the other luthier if he misses out on a sale with you due to their attitude.
When I got my violin in November I was unsure how I would know which one was the one for me but honestly you'd be surprised how quickly you can decide when there's a few to choose from in front of you. :)

Urban Kristan
Posted: October 24, 2017
Thanks for the video. I'm also planning on buying a new violin, and I'm wondering if it's completely standard practice to take violins home for some period just for testing? There are only a couple of violin shops in my country, though I could go to Italy or Austria as well. 

This site does offer trying the violins in the shop, but I'm not sure how open they are to letting them take it home for a trial. 
Can you deduce anything about the violins displayed there simply by the website? (not in English though). 

There's actually a quite renown violin maker here in Slovenia, (Demsar), but his cheapest violins (2440eur) are unfortunately out of my current price range. 

Another shop told me that I can trial the violins, but that they prefer if I bring my own bow, which I found kind of strange. 

Posted: October 24, 2017

Thanks Beth for sharing your view.

I am dreaming of a new violin. I did like my violin to begin with, then I had the tail piece changed (as I wanted to have fine tuners for quicker tuning) and it was never the same after that. Of course it might be that something happened when the luthier changed the tailpiece, but I just doubt myself and never took it back... Maybe it actually only needs some adjustments. But the idea of a new violin becomes more and more often to my head.

I still am not confident that I can choose the best violin for me and I do feel uncomfortable every time I step into a store. We have two luthiers, the other shop is the intimidating and in my opinion quite snobbish, but they have a good amount of violins. The other shop is easier to approach, a very nice luthier, but he doen't have as big a range of violins in the shop... When the time comes, I will beg my teacher to come with me... but I will list already what I want from the violin...

I'm also thinking about getting a new bow... but which one first?

Jaime - Orlando , Fl
Posted: October 23, 2017
Thank you Beth! Wonderful insight!

The idea of going to a violin workshop can be somewhat intimidating. As a student it can be confusing as to really understanding how good .... is good... when looking for the perfect upgrade.

But definitely DEFINING what is it that I am looking for is a really good start! For instance.... in my case .... I do want a warmer... soft....perhaps "deeper" sound. Not necessarily "robust" or "loud", but "melodic", "darker".... I guess using as more adjectives of what I'm looking for , will define it better.

On that note I have fallen in love for the Cremona violins... model V800 looks and sound so superb!, so is a recently introduced model  V1240 (thanks Diane SoCal) !, but this is all videos, with excellent acoustics and professional player - playing a beautiful melody! I know in my hands it will be a completely different story!... and not a good story! hehe... but if its something I will be practicing with... living with... performing with.... DEFINITELY I would like my upgrade to be something I LOVE... and not something the seller loves! hehe

I know I have to take the time to try them ... if  I can... in real life ... if possible...

Will for now continue conjuring up some plan.... and keeping my eyes open... and my ears listening... for my next step.... in  my violin growth! :0)


Posted: October 23, 2017

Thank you for clearly sharing your opinion and experience   (-: