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Patrick Coleman
Hodyashev - heard of him?
Hi all!  Happy Holidays!

I’m intrigued by this piece:

Has anyone heard of this composer?  I can barely find anything at all!



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Posted: December 22, 2018

Kody Morgan
New to the site
Hello Everyone, New to the site, just popping in to introduce myself. My name's Kody, been playing for a little over a year now and recently found this website. I'm sure it will be a very big help; I live in a pretty small town with no close access to teachers so online is my best bet. Thanks!

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Posted: December 31, 2018

Day 3 Practice on Franz Schubert's Ave Maria

Advance Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Janice and Barbara thank you for your encouragement and support, appreciated it much.

Re: This piece

I will be still working on this piece, I rested my  fingers for few days because they were quite raw and sore plus busy working.

Any suggestions to improve playing this are welcome and will be much appreciated, the accidental notes and transitioning back to the original key was quite tricky so with finger spacing and those groups of notes trying to play them with even tone and volume...It gets lost on my pinky finger most especially. Once I get comfortable with all the notes, timing and phrasing I will try playing this in position hoping it will help a lot since the notes will be closer and hopefully it will solve my pinky finger issue. Right now I'm playing this in first position except one note in 3rd position at the last part on ending.

Thank you and goodnight...

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Posted: December 21, 2018

How to choose fingering ?


I am French and I am new to Violin Lab ( I paid for 3 months).

I am looking for videos or articles on « How to find fingering » or « How to choose fingering » when I am learning a piece (classical, folk, jazz…)

I am intermediate, and choosing a fingering (or some fingerings) seems to be very important.

Could you tell me the titles of the videos that are dealing with this topic.


Alain (France)

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Posted: December 14, 2018

Svetlana Yufa
Trala app
Has anyone tried Trala app yet? I have been playing with it today. I have mixed feelings about it. But not sure if I was able to completely grasp its potential.

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Posted: December 30, 2018

Happy new Year to all... It’s my day off and supposed to practice Ave Maria for day 4. Since the 21st I was not able to pick up the violin 🎻 was so hectic at work. Few minutes ago I was watching a vlogger and she played a portion of a favorite composer’s Sonata and I was moved...[video within the thread] Without any thought I just picked up my violin just played along and was transported to another place! Rach is my absolute adored composer!♥️🙏🏼💕✨✨✨ Please pardon the off notes, it's an impromptu playing...

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Posted: December 31, 2018

Christopher Mejia
Notation for where to start and finish a bow stroke?
I've been working my way through the Practice Course over the past few weeks and I love it!  I especially like the suggestions for preparing left hand and right hand versions of the scores, meticulously annotated to indicate everything your left and right hands should be doing (every fingering, every bow direction, etc.).

However, I am still looking for some way to annotate the music to indicate where each bow stroke (down bow or up bow) begins and ends.  For example, I was playing the Beethoven Minuet in G from Suzuki Book 2, which has several occurrences of a single beat up bow followed by an entire measure (3 beats) of down bow.  If I'm not careful to start the up bow in the middle of the bow or near the frog, I run out of bow on the down bow measure.

Is there a notation convention for indicating where in the bow (frog, middle, tip) strokes should start and end?  Any pro tips would be much appreciated!

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Posted: August 2, 2018

Barb Wimmer
Just got music for this for my nephew who is 13 and wants to play on trumpet. Notes almost look doable.  Suggestions? Middle now?  Short bows.
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Posted: December 30, 2018

Beth Blackerby
Christmas Carols in your Inbox
Check your email inbox for my Holiday gift to you!

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Posted: December 22, 2018

Karen Egee
Looking for violin cello duet sheet music for Kerisler's Liebesleid
I've been working on this peice with Beth's outstanding video lessons! On youtube I happend on a really gorgeous violin-cello duet version that i would love to play, with my cello playing father, but I don't see the sheet music online, either to download or buy.  I wonder if the people in the video adapted it from the piano, violin and cello versions, or if it exists somewhere?  Any leads welcome!  Thanks!

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Posted: December 28, 2018

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