Accompaniments and Audio Files


Tools to slow down your music during practice you will find in the "Software and Apps" section

Websites for Piano Accompaniments

Piano Accompaniments for Violin Solos
I love this website. The owner Paul Gardner has made accompaniments to much of the standard student repertoire for violin. The list is quite extensive and his playing is wonderful. Not midi!!
Accompany - Wonderful Piano Accompaniments Website
This is an amazing service. All of my private students are now subscribers. Runs on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. It features many student pieces, scales, drones, etudes, as well as concertos, sonatas, etc.
Accompany - Suzuki Version
Steven Maloney now has accompaniments for all the Suzuki pieces. Like on the general Accompany site you can slow down the accompaniment or loop sections.
Youtube channel with piano accompaniments.
Large Library of Violin and Orchestral Accompaniments for Purchase

Repertoire (various)

This company made books and practice CDs for scales and violin literature. The Cds feature slower practice tempos and real orchestral back up tracks.
Unfortunately, the company does not exist any more, but their material is available through the link in the title.

Accompaniments for Suzuki Songs

Suzuki Repertoire Downloads (and others...)
Accompaniments to Suzuki Songs
Suzuki Violin School, Vol 5: MIDI Disk & CD-ROM
Most other Suzuki volumes are also available with an accompanying CD.
Alan Chan's YouTube channel

Fiddle Tunes

Old Time Jam
Large repository of backup tracks for fiddle tunes.


Si Bheag Si Mhor
performed and arr. Beth Blackerby and Joe McDermott
Olivia's Waltz
This charming piece was sent to me by a VL member. I'm not really sure who the composer is, but thought I'd arrange it for the VL community to enjoy playing.
French Folk Song Accompaniment
And if you get tired of restarting the player every time, then there is also a version of the same accompaniment repeated several times.
Sad Romance Accompaniment
Sleep Sound in the Morning : violin midi accompaniment slow
arr. by Rowel Jao
Sheet music available under "Shared by Members" on the "Sheet Music for Download" page in the Resources section.
Sleep Sound in the Morning (violin: slow accompaniment)
Sleep Sound in the Morning viola midi accompaniment slow
Sleep Sound in the Morning viola midi accompaniment fast

Christmas Carols - Audio

All Through the Night
All Through the Night (piano accompaniment)
Auld Lang Syne (violin and piano)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (violin and piano)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (piano accompaniment)
What Child is This (Greensleeves)
Auld Lang Syne (piano accompaniment)
Silent Night
Sheet music for Christmas Carols
In the "Sheet Music" section you will find the PDF files for these songs (under "Christmas Carols").

Accompaniment for Scales

One Octave Scale Piano Tracks
A collection of one-octave scales in various tempi to use for practice.
"Scaludes" by Kristin Turner
Check out videos #379 and #380 to see these beautiful "Scaludes" in more detail.
Dowani Scale Books
Dowani published two books with one- and two-octave scales (Volume 1, Volume 2). The student plays the simple scale and the accompaniments are etudes by the etude specialists (Wohlfahrt, Dancla, etc.) - a great way to practice scales for people who would normally be bored by scales.


Drone on A
This is a drone of a fifth based on A. Use to practice scales and arpeggios in A.
C Drone
G Drone
F Drone
Drones for Practice
These drones are produced by an Indian instrument know as the Tambura. They are hauntingly beautiful and are a nice change of pace for practicing scales.
Website with drones for scale practice
From the website: Drone Tone Tool is a service created by musicians and music educators providing high quality reference pitches with the rich sounds of real cello. We encourage musicians of all abilities to experience the benefits of reference tone practice.

Practice Beat Tracks for Rhythm a Week

2/4 or 2/2 meter 72 bpm
2/4 or 2/2 meter 82 bpm
2/4 or 2/2 meter 104 bpm
2/4 or 2/2 meter 120 bpm
3/4 meter 62 bpm
3/4 meter 72 bpm
3/4 meter 83 bpm
3/4 meter 96 bpm
3/4 meter 104 bpm
3/4 meter 131 bpm
4/4 meter 64 bpm
4/4 meter 82 bpm
4/4 meter 104 bpm
4/4 meter 120 bpm
6/8 meter 60 bpm
6/8 meter 72 bpm
6/8 meter 86 bpm
6/8 meter 122 bpm

Scales and Etudes
Practice for scales and Wohlfahrt Etudes.