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Here is my ......trying my best to please myself with this really  challenging "home work"  Beth has presented for us all.   G major scale in thirds . 
Trying my best to please you too Beth :) ....just practicing this for a couple of days. I know it needs a lot more work on, hopefully I am on the right path .  
So please everyone critics are  welcome. 

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Posted: May 10, 2016
Last Comment: May 12, 2016

Posted: May 12, 2016
Thanks so much Beth for your video reply . Indeed I was waiting to hear from you in particular . As a more trained and experienced ear and a teacher most of all your advices are by far the best :) Loved the video , way too helpful. 

Well,  yep intonation is really the most difficult part  honestly . And that is what I want to achieve . While trying hard not to stop the bow while shifting  ( cause I did try that , nothing wrong with your first videos believe me ) ,  I got so confused  hearing both notes shifting,  that I did not know where to concentrate first : 
Was I  supposed to hear both notes at the same time ? 
Does it matter which shifting finger you seek to hear first . ( is it always important to focus on the first note and then search for the second one and try to blend together ? ) 
Plus had to keep in mind lots of other things as you can tell , finger pressure, finger pattern, stretching , bow speed etc. So at some point in my practice I decided to take one step at a time and send you a video of what I felt comfortable with at the moment ...so I could get the most appropriate feedback from you .
Thank you so so much .  

Rustam , thank for your comment . Well a more trained ear like Beth says that intonation is not good ...so we both have to work on that .Is hard job .
Well it is only a couple of days I just started to practise G major scale in thirds so I have not really been playing anything else to give you a more detailed reply in relation to your question . 
I am sure it will definitely help me improve intonation in other pieces and exercises . 

Barb, thanks for your comment . You are right , I too like Beth ...it is just not that easy . 

Barb Wimmer
Posted: May 12, 2016
Sounds good Laura   I like Beth I think it is how you connect the notes not stopping

Beth Blackerby
Posted: May 11, 2016
This discussion includes members-only video content

Posted: May 11, 2016
Thanks Diane , well yes it was really challenging for me . It is only two days I have been practicing so ......but I am happy  .

Posted: May 11, 2016
Thank you Barbara , it really does , but I know there is still a long way to achieve perfection in this G major scale in thirds . 

Rustam Gill
Posted: May 11, 2016
Hi Laura,
Great job on those thirds. You played it pretty fast and with nice intonation (at least to my ear). I've been practicing the G major scale in thirds too, but I'm not at the point where I can play it at speed with good intonation.

I have noticed, though, that my intonation when playing other stuff has improved a lot. Specifically my fourth finger seems to "know" where to go better than before because practicing thirds forces me to keep a good hand shape and frame, which carries over to other playing. I read on the violinist.com forum that this is a big reason why violinists like Heifetz practiced thirds and that is why I started to practice them. Have you noticed an improvement in your intonation while playing other pieces/exercises since you started working on thirds?

Posted: May 10, 2016
Hi Laura, Great job on diving into Thirds. Nice bow arm, too. I can't comment yet on technique because I have to start them myself!!

Barbara Habel
Posted: May 10, 2016
This sounds quite an achievement. Well done.