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Fatih Kulaz
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Hi VL and Beth,

This is my second try at Deeply Grow The Roots. I paid attention to the slurs and rhythm this time. Your comments are welcome. 

Fatih Kulaz
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Posted: January 6, 2016
Last Comment: January 8, 2016

Fatih Kulaz
Posted: January 8, 2016
Thank you Beth for the video. I cannot thank you enough for the trouble you've been through to record this video. I am flattered and happy. Thank you so much :)

Beth Blackerby
Posted: January 7, 2016
This discussion includes members-only video content

Posted: January 7, 2016
Wow you can really see the constructive practice you have put into this - well done!

Fatih Kulaz
Posted: January 7, 2016
Thank you so much :) I will work on this piece a little while longer it seems :)

Ali Damjanovska
Posted: January 6, 2016
Nice work Faith. There is a lovely clear tone in the instrument. I'm with Elke on this one, in that you play a lot near the tip and looks like you're running out of bow. I tend to favour the frog and often play to low. But, a great starting effort. Thank you for sharing.

Posted: January 6, 2016
I really like your nice bow hand which gives a pleasant  tone. One suggestion that I have - because I recently made the change - is to move your left hand around by moving your elbow more under the violin so the fingers stay more along the strings. When you get to vibrato you will find that it is necessary, so you might as well start now. It also gets your pinky out over the strings rather than holding it back. Overall, very nice!

Juan Pablo Pimienta
Posted: January 6, 2016
Wow Faith!!! This video shows how much you've been troublwshooting key aspects of your playing. I like your energy when playing.
Suggestion: before shooting for any exercise or piece, do a quick scale according to the key you are to play later. That will give your fingers sometime to get used to the stretches you will be doing. Keep up the good work.

Posted: January 6, 2016
Good Job :) 

Hélène Mathers
Posted: January 6, 2016
Very well done!  Congratulations!

Posted: January 6, 2016
Bravo Fatih! A much improved performance!

Elke Meier
Posted: January 6, 2016
Wow, Fatih, what a change! You really worked on that! Also, your intonation is much more secure this time, that was very nice!

In terms of rhythm there are now just a few places where you still get creative and would be thrown off if you tried to play it with accompaniment (which I still very would recommend you to do! For one it is much more fun than just playing by yourself, but it also is a very good teacher for rhythmic insecurities).

I have marked the measures where your rhythm is still off:
measure 7 and 8: make sure to play this with a metronome, so you give the half note in measure 7 and the dotted quarter note in measure 8 enough length and make the eighth notes short enough.
Measure 15 (also measure 47): this is syncopic, the D is a quarter note, not an eighth note.
Measure 30 and 31: similar to measure 7 and 8; here are the notes with their count:
A: 1 and 2 and
E: 3 and
F#: 1 and 2
A: and
A: 3
B: and
And then in measure 32 you seem to be so glad this section is over that you forget the quarter pause :).
There is another thing happening in these measures, and it might be because you are insecure in the rhythm in this section: you don't watch your bow. You need to make sure to work your way up toward the frog area again. Because the way it is now, your up-bows are very short so that you end up more and more toward the tip area. Then you get to the end of measure 32 with the two quarter notes that start the repetition. But since you are so much toward the tip area and start the A in measure 33 already in the top third of your bow instead of at the frog, you just don't have enough bow to do the slurs as they are indicated - and then you revert back to your pattern like in the first video, slurring the wrong notes together.
Measures 38-40: similar to measures 7/8.