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Hi Beth!

Now that the end of 2nd suzuki book is coming, I'm wondering, have you shot any material on trills? (or going to?)
Sure I can produce "trill like" sound, but when concerning violin, it's better to know what I'm doing instead of guessing...at least I haven't encountered very many things on my violin journey which would have been obvious :)

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Posted: April 17, 2011
Last Comment: April 17, 2011

Beth Blackerby
Posted: April 17, 2011
I just finished Witches' Dance and will be uploading tomorrow. The song after that is Gavotte from Minion. which introduces the trill technique with a little rhythmic figure in the 5th and 6th measure.

So good timing for your question. I'll talk about how that prepares the trill which will come in full in the Lully Gavotte. Hang tight ;)