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Hi Beth, I've been working on Amy Barlowe's "In the Style of Bach" (cool piece!). Is there anything you can tell me about starting that out in those first 3 notes. I can't seem to get the forte/diminish quick long bow short bow thing quite right.

BTW...Great practice guide with these pieces but not being classically trained I often have a hard time figuring out what she's trying to say. \:-/

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Posted: February 21, 2011
Last Comment: February 21, 2011

Posted: February 21, 2011
Thanks Beth, yeah....the practice guides take you measure by measure through each piece...but they get a little detailed and....technical for me and I sort of scratch my head over them here and there.

For now though, I'm just focusing on the Bach piece. I don't think I'm quite up to a lot of the other ones...yet... <:-)

Beth Blackerby
Posted: February 21, 2011
I will have to get that book. I keep meaning to. Ever since Diane recommended it, it's been on my list. I'll order it through the shop and take a look when it gets here. Sounds like there are lots of great things to use as tutorials!