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I'm having a difficult time in practicing vibrato with my 4th or "pinkie" finger.  The first and second finger are the easiest, the fourth more difficult, but my "pinkie" I just can't get it because it seems like my finger is more parallel to the string than the other fingers.  Is there a video that specifically addresses vibrato on the fourth finger? 

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Posted: September 5, 2013
Last Comment: September 5, 2013

Beth Blackerby
Posted: September 5, 2013
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Hi Steve,  The pinky is the hardest finger for vibrato. You're right about the finger angle too.  Watch my Youtube video from this starting point. Also watch the video below. Since there is less movement in the knuckles close to the fingertip, I have to compensate with plenty of flexibility of the base knuckle and more energy (which translates to effort) in the wrist movement itself. I think you'll see that in these slow motion clips. It's hard to make something relaxed just by thinking about it. But you have to keep willing and thinking. Also strengthening. Strengthen the dickens out of that little finger. This is so true. The stronger it is.. the more flexible it can be. My 4th finger vibrato is not very good when my hand is weak. This happens periodically. I practice in spurts. I'll go for a while with no practice, and after a few weeks everything degrades and pinky vibrato is at the top of that list. So start a major effort to condition your pinky and see if the vibrato improves.