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Barb Wimmer
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sorry for repeat, maybe I did the computer embedding right this time? practicing vibrato, don't know which is harder, think computer more than vibrato at this moment but will get it. thank you for the comments Beth appreciated, will study 45-46
Barb Wimmer
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Posted: January 14, 2013
Last Comment: January 16, 2013

Posted: January 16, 2013
Well now, my approach on starting up vibrato is to first do the exercise where you play a scale except that each finger comes down on the string with authority, heavy and hard, and than on the way back up, you try and pop the finger off of the string. I found out just now how pathetic I was at popping the fingers off of the string. That has got to help in every way possible until the video comes along.

Barb Wimmer
Posted: January 16, 2013

thank you Dean, will keep that in mind, the knuckles,


Beth told me 45-47 of this video I did get the vibrato right, a small section, but am trying to remember what I did, but relaxed and she had great advice she posted on main site

Barb, When you posted the link to your video, it was pasted into the link area that takes you to the comment page. We can't leave a response for you as that link isn't operational. Here's how to embed your video so that it appears here. 

  • First go to you video page on Youtube. 
  • look under the video for the share button and click that
  • there will be another button, although not obvious, that says "embed"
  • after you click, copy the embed code (this is different that the link that you posted)
  • open up a discussion box here on the community page
  • click the button at the top of the box that says "embed"
  • a new white rectangle will appear. Paste your embed code there and voilá your video will appear.
I viewed your video on your vibrato progress. I think your reflex is still to vibrate with the fast narrow motion that you were using. It's a hard habit to break. When you slow down the motion, often times you are moving the wrist itself which happens as the elbow opens and closes in reverse direction to the hand movement. I realize this is unclear, and will try and demonstrate in a video.  (hoping to shoot video this week, btw). There is a spot in the video: :45-47 to be exact where the hand is moving and the arm is quiet. That was it! My advise is to work on the sliding exercises without the bow for a wile to help undo the habits of the left hand. I'm glad that you are working with a wrist vibrato. Keep up the good work. It'll happen.
Beth Blackerby
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Posted: January 13, 2013
Last Comment: January 14, 2013




Posted: January 16, 2013
I just tried it for the first time today. I would do a video next week. Okay so what I gattered from the experience and than after making a comparison to your, I find that it should be a quicker and short tug on the string and than the energy is gone from the finger or on to the next note, another quick short tug, etc.

Posted: January 16, 2013
I saw a video recently on this website about this subject. It made the point that the fingers had to stay pressed down and it is the back of the knuckles that need to pull back or lead the hand motion.

Beth Blackerby
Posted: January 15, 2013
This discussion includes members-only video content

Great job embedding!  Barb I made a video that I hope will help your vibrato, and any others who may be having the same issues.