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Hi Beth and community,
I just started playing the violin a few days ago. I do not have a teacher yet or anything. My bow has been giving me problems. First I went through the long process of realizing I need rosin on my bow before it will make noise (duh!), so I applied and applied until finally it started making noise! (hooray!) But now it is making this weird scratching noise only on the E string and on any string that I try to play notes on. It makes a clear sound when I play on the other open strings, except for the E. I've uploaded a video so you can hear it. Did I use too much rosin or is there still not enough rosin? Or is my bowing/fingering technique just too awful to make a non-scratchy sound? Any help would be appreciated!

(PS don't have your speakers turned up even half way or your ears will bleed)

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Posted: March 1, 2012
Last Comment: March 2, 2012

Posted: March 2, 2012
Welcome Brooke !

You've certainly come to the right place for a good start on this. Beth is a fantastic teacher and the folks here are very helpful and encouraging as well.  I can't really add anything to what Beth, Anne and Robyn have already mentioned, but very cool that you've posted an audio right off the bat !  

All the best to you in your journey !    I look forward to hearing more from you as you move along in your progress.    :-)

Anne aMaudPowellFan
Posted: March 2, 2012
Hi Brooke, just to say hello and welcome. No bleeding ears here. Great that you start off with an audio. Do not be afraid to play with a loud, healthy tone at the beginning. It is a good baseline to work from. Rather try too much even if it is a bit scratchy at the beginning and take it from there.

Beth Blackerby
Posted: March 1, 2012
HI Brooke,

Welcome to Violin Lab! Wow two days. I'm impressed by your desire to get it right from the beginning.

   I'm not really hearing a difference between the E and D.
It sounds to me like your bow hasn't established good contact with the strings yet.  It also sounds like it may be going in a crooked path.  The beginning difficulties of bowing are just more exaggerated on the E string.  Be patient. Establishing a good sound takes a month or so. I don't think it's a case of too much rosin. You'll know if you have too much on if you develop a white layer of dust under the strings.

Quick question: Are you following the videos from the beginning, and in the order that they're listed on the video library page? Disregard the numbers in front of the videos. Since numbering them, I've added new content, and have inserted the newer videos into the original line up. If you go straight down the list (until you see the first vibrato video).

Post again in a couple of weeks, and we'll take another listen. If you are brave enough (clearly, you're techno-savvy enough) to post a video, I will be able to give much better advice.