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Ikaalinen Handicraft and Industrial Arts Institute
Elno Salmelaisen Katu 20
39500 IKAALINEN, Finland
Tel: +358-33-4501-346
Fax: +358-33-4501-330

2 - 4 year courses in string instrument making. 24 student to 2 teachers. School founded in 1984. Entrance by examination. Also short summer courses.

Hi Tomi,

Above you will find a violin making school with summer programs and longer if that is what you want.  Newark in England is good.

Places to buy tools, violins partly made, varnishes, books, dvds, would be: Atlantic Violin Supplies, International Violin Company, and Geo. Heinl & Co.

You may want to buy a violin in the white from China from ebay and then finish and set up the violin yourself. Some good quality violins are coming out of China.  Like everything, you have to be careful.

If you build your violin from scratch tool alone could run you $700 plus and then books and materials; whether you are building an average violin or something  of some quality.

Oh, a good source for varnishes and ground system is Old Wood 1700. I like their system and their colours.   

Hope this of some help.


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Posted: February 22, 2012