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I don't mean to "hog" the forum, but i have a question and maybe a request for a video?

here is the audition piece i want to work on.  It's the hardest one.  doesn't look too bad at first, but the if i look closer its scary. 

How does one change from pizzicato to arco and back so quickly?  i guess i'm asking about the hold.  I'm not that good at pizz in the first place- hard to get the right tone. 

the next question is should it be played off the string?


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Posted: February 10, 2012
Last Comment: February 11, 2012

Beth Blackerby
Posted: February 11, 2012
Karen, first of all there are other sets of rules that govern orchestral playing. Frequently "compromises" must be made in the interest of following the intentions of the composer. In a case like this, I guarantee you that stand partners "pass the baton" in this way. The inside player does the pizz throughout the measure, and misses the first couple of notes of the arco. The other player stops pizzing a few notes early to catch the first note of the arco.  There is no way to change as quickly as it's printed. Of course, you can work at a fast change, but this wouldn't be possible to do. Having said that, it's probably possible to change from one to the other within the span of an eighth note. 

I'll try and do a video on pizza/arco switcheroos. 

The articulation is for sure off the string. Have you seen the spiccato videos yet? Definitely wise to practice an Eflat scale doing spiccato strokes. (start with 4 repeated notes at first).

Posted: February 11, 2012

I see the superstudies video for #5 has a little on producing a good sound that's helpful.


the transition to bowed strokes baffles me.  how do you hold the bow and coordinate all of that.

Posted: February 11, 2012

Thank goodness for the broken thirds exercise.  That's most of the arco portion.  I use that a lot to warm up.  I'm not as worried about that part now.  Just have to do it in the e flat scale.