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I want to come to this July reunion so bad but I am getting married about 2 weeks after the reunion and I'm assuming I'll be busy doing last-minute preparations.  Are these reunions a yearly thing, or if this is the first one, will they be yearly hereafter? 

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Posted: January 20, 2012
Last Comment: January 20, 2012

Beth Blackerby
Posted: January 20, 2012
It would of course be great to meet, you but you're definitely going to be busy!! I honestly don't know what lies in the future for the VL reunion...we'll see..

Posted: January 20, 2012
Hi Jennifer,

This is the very first one !  I don't think they well be an annual event, but I think I do remember reading Beth say something about possibly bi-annual.   There's a very dim light in the tunnel for me getting there...just a very small hopeful spark turned up in just this past week that just may make it possible for me to get there.....but.....have to see how this plays out...but I'm hopeful !

I'm thinking that you will be a very busy young lady in that time frame.  But...if you get all your ends tied up early...who knows !   Maybe you could swing down for a day or two....but probably better not....  *chuckle*