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Had to share this as so exciting (and my husband and friends just glaze over when I tell them haha). I visited a luthier for the first time!! I decided to treat myself to wittner tuner pegs as I was finding the fine tuners really awkward and to get him to put new strings on as well (avoiding doing it myself but I have the old dominants to put on my horrid stentor 1 so will be facing the fear soon :)). He put on Infield Reds & also ended up changing my sound post as it wasn't flat/ was leaning forward and contacting on edge rather than the top (basically rubbish and could cause a crack in violin). It was with him for a few days so I used my original stentor for practice - which actually hurt my ears when I play! (I feel I can't sell it as it would be unfair to subject someone to it). When I got it back yesterday I couldn't believe the difference!! It sounds so much better!! I thought it sounded OK before but it is so 'ringy' now! Tuning is also REALLY easy which is a good job as I'd forgotten how often you have to tune whilst new strings settle. He showed me the violin room with loads and loads of beautiful violins, told me about the violins in his safe, talked about bows and said he could do more with the sound post in the future when I was more able to work with him and tell him what I wanted from the sound (probably a way off!). He also said I would need a new bridge in the future as it might cause me problems when playing in higher positions etc. (although OK for now) and showed me how to know inferior soft, fast growing wood (which mine is). Such an enjoyable time I spent so long in there my husband had to come and find me as he was sick of waiting and he is a very patient man. I'm not sure what I expected but it was sooo interesting and informative. I am actually considering taking the stentor in to see if worth having adjustments made so I can play it without feeling like crying.

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Posted: July 20, 2019
Last Comment: July 20, 2019

Posted: July 20, 2019
I love going to the luthier.  They encourage trying the different violins. it benefits them ti have them played. It keeps them "alive". You can learn so much from playing different violins.

Posted: July 20, 2019
It was cool Maria :) and I am so glad I got my violin back too Dianne. He didn't say much about the actual violin - just the 'bits'. The wood talk was all about the bridge. I told him I had started saving for a new violin with the aim of buying when I felt I needed something better and was more advanced - shifting/ doing vibratto etc (probably at least 5 years) & he basically said there were things he felt I could do as I progressed to make improvements to my current one before I needed to think about upgrading.

Posted: July 20, 2019
So glad you got your violin back!

Did your luthier look at the grain of the spruce top to check the quality? Thanks.

Posted: July 20, 2019

That was cool Kate, going to the violin doctor...

You're lucky you found a good luthier, excited to hear your newly overhauled violin.
Please post soon! [no pressure, whenever u are ready]