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Mauricio Bertges
Hi, everybody... I'm a little confused about the issue on notesXpitchesXskiping. In Lesson 38, Beth is playing (A - C /retake/A - D...) -or- (A - C# /retake/A - D...) ? /// excuse my english... I'm not a native speaker ;)

Mauricio Bertges
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Posted: October 26, 2011
Last Comment: October 29, 2011

Mauricio Bertges
Posted: October 29, 2011
Thanks a lot, Beth... and... needless to say, your videos are a wonderful work...  Years ago, I had studied violin for one 1 year and, now, I feel that in the latest few weeks Ive been making much, much more progress, thanks to you. So many important details clearly explained   I had never even dreamt of... 
Congratiulations and, again, thank you ; )

Beth Blackerby
Posted: October 26, 2011
Hi Mauricio, I apologize if that video isn't clear. That's one of the first videos we ever shot. I'm playing A-C#, because the first finger spacing pattern, which I'm now calling the 2-3 finger spacing pattern uses the high 2nd finger placement, which is C# (on the A string).