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Hi Beth,

I have a couple of questions for you. my husband gave me my first violin as a gift last christmas, so this december would be a year since i started playing with that violin, which is a Cadoni Prelude (violin for students). My question is, how often do we have to change the strings? and what brands of strings do you recommend?. About the bow, how often do we have to change the hair? i think that my strings are in good condition, but i 'd like to make an upgrade, may be the sound would improve.   Have a nice day!


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Posted: October 23, 2011
Last Comment: October 23, 2011

Beth Blackerby
Posted: October 23, 2011
Hi Mercy,  I don't know how often you practice, but as a very general rule, I would say change your strings at least once a year. If you play a lot, then you changing them more often will yield better results in regards to tone and intonation.  Old strings will become "false" and the tone will suffer. I change my strings every 3 months. For a good and relatively inexpensive set of strings, I recommend:

Thomastik Dominants, D'adarrio Helicore, and D'Adarrio Prelude.

Again, unless you play frequently, then a re-hair once every two years is sufficient.