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Hi Everyone,

My question has to do with chairs.  Specifically, what do you use when you practice sitting down?  How many people sit or stand while practicing? 

Most of us, when or if we play with other people will likely be sitting down.  That is how I spend most of my practicing.  And so my question is:  What is considered the ideal chair for playing a violin?  I imagine the question could be: What is considered the ideal chair for playing most instruments? 

I am imagining a chair that has very strong joints, adjustable front and back legs, no arm rests, and padded ( important considering how long practicing and rehearsals will be).

So what are your thoughts or recommendations?

May the Beat Be With You Always
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Posted: February 8, 2019
Last Comment: February 9, 2019

David Rowland
Posted: February 9, 2019
I always sit to play because I have low blood pressure. Standing up to play can make me feel faint especially if I bend down to pick something up off the floor. I use a piano stool with no sides.

Posted: February 9, 2019
Hi Ray, I use a small, inexpensive armless task chair w/swivel wheels and a fabric covering that I got from the computer store. It allows me to move, but still feel stable. The bigger ones I would not use because they are too bulky. The chair from Amazon looks good, too, and specifically mentions allowing a range of movement, which I think is important.

Ted Adachi
Posted: February 9, 2019
HI Ray,
I sit about three hours a day in a pretty simple wooden chair. I think it may have been part of a kitchen table and chair set from Ikea or something like that. Straight back and no armrests.

When I practice while watching TV, I am in a very unstraight floppy sort of chair with armrests. I wouldn't use this chair for my regular practice but an hour or so at night is okay with this.

Michael Baumgardner
Posted: February 9, 2019
I use a Wenger Student Music Posture Chair.

These are very common in both high school and college music settings.  Nothing to take a nap in because they are pretty spartan but they are designed for music playing.

Karen Egee
Posted: February 9, 2019
I suppose it may vary depending on individual physical needs?  Soon after i restarted playing  I hurt my back so for the next 6 months or so I had to to lean far back against the chairm, with one leg on some kind of stool or table so I was almost lying.  I no longer need to lean back but I can play for longer if I can now and then. As a short person I do best with a chair low enough so I can reach the back (I often put pillows in) and have feet on the floor.