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Alan Barnicoat
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This video shows the current status of my vibrato training.  I started the new Vlab vibrato course about three months ago with no previous training. I'm still doing "flings" but with very small slides. Exercise #10 includes changes of rhythm and also calls for the addition of bowing. I feel that I might be ready to start bowing but thought I should post a video of my progress thus far first.  Any comments or questions are most welcome. 

Alan Barnicoat
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Posted: September 14, 2018
Last Comment: September 15, 2018

Alan Barnicoat
Posted: September 15, 2018
 Beth, I'm surprised to hear from you on your very busy rehearsal day! Now I'm eager to move forward! And I thank you everyone for your observations and helpful comments. I really am humbled that you have taken the time to point out in such detail the various aspects of my vibrato that need attention at this stage. It is clear that you have all been there and can identify with what I am experiencing.  One thing I've noticed is that as the lessons progress, I find it more challenging to do the slower flings/slides with even consistency. But, as they speed up, a higher gear kicks in and it becomes much easier -  which is just the opposite of what I had expected.

(Dianne - thanks so much for pointing out that I needed to switch the video setting from Private to Unlisted...otherwise I would never have known!)

Beth Blackerby
Posted: September 15, 2018
Wow, Alan! That's better than I expected! Bravo! Elke, you mentioned two fingers. Yes, I had included two fingers together to prevent fingers sticking up straight. But Alan's are so nice and relaxed!

Alan, I so look forward to your next steps. I think you're ready to add the bow.

Elke Meier
Posted: September 15, 2018
I do arm vibrato, but I guess it would be the same danger in wrist vibrato: When it gets fast the thumb muscle is in great danger of tensing up and all of a sudden I do not feel it reacting to the movement any more - instead the violin reacts and gets wobbly... I cannot see your thumb but just thought I'd mention this. 

I also notice that you do the flings with one finger, not the two we are supposed to do together. I have to say I do the same. Especially with the faster flings I found it strenuous to try to fling two fingers together. I don't know why that is - maybe because I cannot pronate my wrist as much as I should? Only with three and four it works reasonably well - and then with three on a lower string than four. But I guess since this step is supposed to be a help to make sure that the other fingers stay relaxed we can just as well pay attention to the other fingers even if only one of them slides. Yours did look relaxed to me.

Posted: September 14, 2018
Impressive, Alan!  And huge credit to Beth for developing such a wonderful successful program.
To me, your knuckles look very flexible and the hand relaxed.
Soon time to say goodbye to the noodle, I guess?
Really looking forward to your first piece with vibrato!
Congrats to your patience and stamina.

Posted: September 14, 2018
Hi Alan, At first glance this looks super! The vibrato motor looks solid. Can hardly wait to hear it! It looks like Beth might be going a little further back on the pad of the 3rd finger on the roll back. Not sure. Hope this helps!

Ted Adachi
Posted: September 14, 2018
Hi Alan,
It's hard to tell from the video whether you are doing this or not so just in case you are not doing it:

Watch for you first knuckle (so that's the one closest to the fingernail) to be loose and flexible. It should be flexing a bit with each fling.
I picked this up the vibrato video that Ms Polkadotz posted a long time ago and I found it to be most helpful. It's all about keeping the hand loose and relaxed.

Your wrist movement looks really good so it's only a matter of time now...