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Beth Blackerby
Someone posted earlier (Sonia?) about a new kind of chin rest called the WAVE. I was interested so looked up the website and the guy selling them. Turns out he lives in my hometown which I was traveling to in a few days!!! I'm here now and went to his studio and tried out some of his beautifully carved chin rests. I've ordered one and have asked for some modifications to fit my particular needs. I'm excited to see what he makes for me.

sorry for the rotated picture. 

On another note, I will be on a serene lake in Central Kentucky without WiFI for the next several days. Happy practicing to you all!
Beth Blackerby
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Posted: July 1, 2018
Last Comment: July 9, 2018

Posted: July 9, 2018
The Wave
I also got a Wave in the fall of 2017 and did the same as Alan, ordering four and then picking out the one that fit my long neck, returning the rest. Anyone who is chin rest shopping should look at the product website as there is a lot of information about fitting and neck posture issues which could be helpful, even if you don't buy one.

Jaime - Orlando , Fl
Posted: July 1, 2018
Enjoy the time away from it all! Much deserved! :0)

Sonia Lancaster
Posted: July 1, 2018
Enjoy your time away Beth!

Iím on a music camp this week... so exciting!

Yes it was I who got the WAVE. Iíve found it very comfortable and helps with my left shoulder pain... oh, Iíve just thought, I havenít had pain now for several months. Probably a combination of things but Iím sure the chin rest helped.

I found the service excellent, able to try so many, and all the way to Australia and back! I found the tallest wouldnít let me close my violin case though, so I settled on the next tallest. Interesting about the different angles we stand at to play as well.


Alan Barnicoat
Posted: July 1, 2018
After reading Sonia's posting, I also decided to look into the Wave Chinrest. If you decide to order online, once you commit to one, your are entitled to receive three other models of your choosing,  so you really end up with four to sample (different heights and styles depending on your tendency to face more forward or to the left). The website,, is very helpful in determining your needs.  After I sampled the heights, and settled on the tallest, I then honed in on the more subtle differences. Within a day or two it was pretty clear that the WAVE#1 was a good fit for my jawline - which is more triangular as opposed to more square or more round. I realized that I no longer had to be concerned about discomfort in my left shoulder nor worried about the violin slipping. I am more relaxed now and able to concentrate on left hand finger relationships. An extra bonus is that they really are beautiful!  

Fabiano Formiga de Carvalho
Posted: July 1, 2018
Old Kentucky Beth's home:

Good vacation, fabiano

Elke Meier
Posted: July 1, 2018
Rest at a lake sounds just wonderful! Enjoy! You more than deserve it! 

Mary Freeman
Posted: July 1, 2018
Have a wonderful time and congrats on the chin rest