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Hi Beth,

Just finished inputting Ecossaise by Beethoven, into Musescore and then while listening and note reading started to do a quick analysis of the piece.  I would like to run it past you to see if my analysis is at least close to the mark.  As a beginner I know there are multiple layers that I have not seen (yet).  :)))

Pick up measure start with a repeating two notes of the tonic and the first phrase ends on the first note of m. 7.  But instead of ending on the tonic it ends on the leading tone for the D Major scale.  The next phrase does end on the tonic which is in m. 16, just before the repeat bar line. 

The next phrase repeats in m. 17-18 but then Beethoven raises that first note, in m.19 and this continues for the m. 19 and 20.  For m. 21-24 (to the repeat bar line) he raised, by an octave, m.5-7 (up to the tonic).  There is the accidental in m. 23 where you can imagine people dancing and trying to put in a quick extra step.  Then finishes the score with a repeat of the last beat of m.7 through to the tonic in m.16, a return to the tonic.

How did I do?  Miss very much?  If so, what?

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Posted: June 13, 2018
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Posted: June 13, 2018
Taking another look, I just saw that Beethoven wrote a chord 1 (for the D Major scale) in the pick-up measure to m.3, then reverses the chord in m.3 to m.5.  And that he uses this pattern throughout the piece.