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Ok, I have 'tried' to get rid of my horrible look of pain while I am playing.

I have tried not to hold that first note for too long Beth, am not sure if I succeeded though as rhythm is a weakness of mine....

I have tried to control the bow at the frog a little more

I think as a result I have rushed the piece too much but I have to admit I get TERRIBLY NERVOUS IN FRONT OF THE WEBCAM, I SHAKE/RATTLE AND ROLL hehehehe and I was thinking so hard not to look disgusted by my playing and was thinking so hard to do what my work colleague told me to do (to think I was this very good concert violinist) but my EVIL MIND was popping its rear ugly head now and again saying SEE SEE YOU BOW SHAKED JUST THEN/SEE SEE YOU MISSED THE NOTE-SHIFT SLIGHTLY HEHEHE YOU ARE NO GOOD YOU ARE STILL RUBBISH!!! there was all this commotion going on in my head as I was taping this video for you, if only you could have been in my brain you'd beg to get out ASAP!!! LOL

I have only done very minimal practice on this piece since the last video so if you notice an improvement I'd be quite amazed/chuffed!

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Posted: September 5, 2011
Last Comment: September 6, 2011

Posted: September 6, 2011

Good choice Jo. Even when Kreisler was an extraordinary virtuoso, I think this time Heifetz is on top. What a beautiful piece of music.

And Jo, I will repeat the words Simon posted in his recent question, --donít change the way you respond to posts!-- I will be missing you and you have help me a lot in the past. And I like when VL Community gets active.


Posted: September 6, 2011
lol!  I never thought it would be possible to have a 'lesson' with Heifitz, but I guess using YouTube in this way is the closest we're ever going to get!

Good luck!


Posted: September 6, 2011
well, 'to me' there was 'never' any doubt that Heifetz was always my favorite version that is why I bought his music and that is why he is my teacher for this.

I have not learnt/am not learning this piece with/from my teacher, I am learning it with Heifetz!  I have sat in front of the YouTube video you posted Simon with the music score written by him and and watch like a hawk his every movement of his bow and fingers and have written in pencil on the score all he does.

The score now has all his bowings and fingerings on it and that is what I do, I have learnt all he does note by note LOL ;) pity I can't reproduce the sound and never will but you can never have the same violinist twice anyway, we are all 'unique' :)

Posted: September 6, 2011

Posted: September 6, 2011
Oh well, thank you Simon, I am glad you notice an improvement.

I do value your comments, after all you are a very experienced 'wind player' and you are becoming quite good on the violin too so you know quite a bit about music :) so it's nice to hear that you think I have made a step forward.  I have not spend much time on it nor put any sweat on it so am even more happy :)  I do play it now and again paying attention to what I should improve and try to focus on those things though and it seems to do pay off slowly but surely.

I forgot to say that I am playing the transcription by Heifetz which is less commonly known, most people know the one by Kreisler (much more famous) which has some trills in it and some extra notes in the first couple of lines and is typically played at a slightly slower tempo 'I think'.

Posted: September 6, 2011
Wow, Jo!!  That was soooo much better than your last post!  The faster tempo, I think, worked better; the groups of faster notes were smoother and more even; the intonation was much better and it sounded much more musical.  Shifting was more accurate too.  So, yes, I can hear an improvement and you should be chuffed!!

Whatever was going on in your brain was doing some good!  It's really hard, but when 'performing' rather than 'rehearsing' we have to shut out that nagging, analytical, criticising voice and let the free, creative and supportive voice take over - we almost have to stop thinking about what we're doing and just let the fingers do their thing!  Not easy when we spend so much of our time analysing what we're doing!

Congrats on a nice recording.