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Hi everyone, I have a question.

is it possible to change the colour of your violin? Because I do like my current colour, although I see other violins and I find I really prefer darker violins opposed to the lighter brown/orangey look of mine. So is it?
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Posted: September 3, 2011
Last Comment: September 4, 2011

Posted: September 4, 2011
Beware:  the sound of your violin will, in part, be down to the type of varnish used.  If you change the varnish to change the colour you run a real risk of also changing the sound.

My violin has an oil varnish, and over the years (before I got it) has been in some hot environments which has caused the varnish to become sticky.  While it was like this, before it cooled down again, its picked up some marks in the varnish.  I wanted these marks 'correcting' but was advised against it for the reason I said above.  Although I want my violin to look great, the sound is, at the end of they day, more important.

Hope this helps.


Posted: September 3, 2011
Hi Sean

A luthier can do it but it will be an expensive job so not worth it I think....

I never asked how much it is, it is an 'unusual' request I'd say....but yes, ring one up and ask.