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Barbara Habel
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If you ever wondered how much "handywork" goes on within a violin "factory" - then here is the answer.

I was surprised to see so many women do the carvings. Does this have practical or economic reasons?
Barbara Habel
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Posted: February 13, 2018
Last Comment: February 13, 2018

Beth Blackerby
Posted: February 13, 2018
That's fascinating. And to think I've never met a female luthier in the States. 

I also couldn't help but wonder how many repetitive strain injuries some of them must have. 

Posted: February 13, 2018
Could be economical- but I did apply for a company once who told me they didn't want to hire a guy in their design department because they thought women were more attentive to design detail (never mind my experience and degree is in fine art and design). Anyway, that assumption could be international not just U.S.