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Still @ note reading, tone production and trying not to mess nor miss the accidental notes...I have problem focussing my eyes  for some reason I play B instead of D or G instead of B. Could be from lack of sleep...

Not yet on the stage of counting and rhythm...coming soon I hope.
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Posted: January 11, 2018
Last Comment: January 15, 2018

Barbara Habel
Posted: January 15, 2018
Dear Maria

"......I stop and do something totally different to cancel anything unwanted."

That sounds like an excellent technique. I tend to suck my thumb. Will try that one. Thank you Maria.

Posted: January 15, 2018

Thank you much Barbara...

Lol! I have to laugh because even in text you were able to sense my state of mind :)

I'll share with you a secret, it works every time for me...It's like the "undo" button you were describing...I stop and do something totally different to cancel anything unwanted.

Good night, going to sleep now...

Barbara Habel
Posted: January 14, 2018
Dear Maria

When you loose text as in Janice´s post all you have to do is press the right mouse button and a menu pops up with the option of reversing the last thing you did. I do not know what the right term is in English but you´ll find it. It´s right at the top. You can press it repeatedly and each time it goes a step back.

Hope to save you some frustration.

Jaime - Orlando , Fl
Posted: January 14, 2018
Hi Maria!
That was very good! Well performed! Intense practice session!
When you say Sev etude... you mean Sevcik?
Sounds great, and your vibrato is coming along nicely!!!
Thanks for posting! :0)

Posted: January 14, 2018

Christopher, thank you  and I am glad that I'm not alone...

Now, I realized how and why I confused those notes, when presented in a new measure as the 1st note either D or G my half asleep brain I.D. it as note B...

Let me explain, whenever I practice this piece my brain goes to semi-conscious state that it goes to half visual-memory mode, it mixed up the finger placement on the finger placement of the note B/Bb. Plus I visualized violin finger placement in my head and also in my younger years I tried to study guitar fret/tab chords and those perhaps got imprinted in my brain.

 Thanks again...

Posted: January 14, 2018
1am 1-14-18 [just woke up]

Barb, thank you much, yes you are correct I need to control more of my bowing it bounce and need to refine the vibrato too make it more relaxed and tone down the intensity.

Mary, thank you much for the encouragement and yes still practicing this etude in a much slower speed so I can work on my bowing and the slower speed gave an opportunity to try practice vibrato as well...

Beth, it's Sev opus 3 Etude number 9 but I played it in a very slow speed...I hope I did not alter/ruined the piece too much...

Frieda, thank you much for listening to my practice...The slow speed gave me time to try vibrato, still a new technique for me and it's indeed very hard to control and sustain it. Thanks again for the support.

Vayai UK, thanks for the quick reply to Beth, I was working straight and sleep deprived I have no opportunity to reply to all of you at once. At this moment I'm still sleepy [and hungry too, will make a sandwich in 5 minutes as soon as I finished typing---btw, would you like one?].

Janice, oh, thank you much for listening and your appreciation...The key this etude was written is truly beautiful and it's a favorite of mine-anything with Bb and Eb pieces. 

I am sorry, once I find courage I'll try to be in full view of the camera :)  please note I get self conscious and seeing the camera in front of me somehow jinxed my practice. Plus I have no gadget to hold my phone- I tried propping it with different objects but it keeps falling... I will try again next time and thanks once more.

Janice Branley
Posted: January 13, 2018
Haunting sweet sound Maria, I wish there was a little more of you and your violin in view to fully appreciate how your are bringing out that quality.

Vayia UK
Posted: January 13, 2018
Beth, it is Sevcik Opus 3 Variation 9

Posted: January 13, 2018
Hi Maria, you have a warm sound and I like your vibrato!

Beth Blackerby
Posted: January 13, 2018
Maria, what Etude book is this from?

Mary Freeman
Posted: January 13, 2018
I am glad you are trying to do it the way it is written so that you get the intended benefit of the etude. Keep at it your playing sound lovely

Christopher Sinkule
Posted: January 12, 2018
Don't feel bad about the note reading, I'm nearsighted and in need of a new prescription, so it's basically impossible for me to read music unless it's right in my face XD. 

Barb Wimmer
Posted: January 11, 2018
Sounds great Maria. Smooth, good bow distribution. Sounds even sounding, at least you are thinking b and d and not 1 and 3 and recognizing the notes - that is good-I'm working on more the letters

Seems like strong bow pressure-even sounding

You have a few string crossings - maybe too much pressure on the bow there? Just a guess. But very nice and smooth clear playing. Enjoying listening to you play.