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Tomasz Stepinski
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Hello all
A short video from today's lesson.
I had to cut him off very mach.
Knowing that I am being recorded, I am terribly distracting.
Maybe i could find a cure with your help.

Tomasz Stepinski
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Posted: January 10, 2018
Last Comment: January 12, 2018

Mary Freeman
Posted: January 12, 2018
You are off to an amazing start

Vayia UK
Posted: January 11, 2018

One piece of advice from me, coming from personal experience: try to use more bow. I started by using the middle third of the bow, got very used to it, now I am struggling to brake the habit. 

The music you have tells you what to do: first four notes low part of bow, fifth note whole bow, then upper part of bow. Experiment with it to get a nice sound and to establish a nice straight bowing in the process. You won't regret it later on:-) 

Posted: January 11, 2018
Wow, you are doing really well. I saw only two small things in case they help. One is watch to not hold your rests too long. You have nice even timing on your notes though. The other thing was to watch when lifting the 1st finger on the f-naturals on the E string in measures 8 & 10. The finger is slow to lift so that when you draw the bow on the next note, you can hear the finger lift. This happens easily because of pressing the 1st finger down, and finger lifts are something to exercise to get them faster - the first finger I find especially hard to lift quickly myself. Hope this helps and great job on this.

Tomasz Stepinski
Posted: January 10, 2018
Exercise 36.
My First Piece

Beth Blackerby
Posted: January 10, 2018
Tomasz, what were you playing?