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Ann Meeker
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Hello friends.  Pachelbel Canon was on my list of "reasons why I want to learn violin", and I have opportunity to play it with a beginners violin trio in a couple weeks.  I'm so thrilled to get to play in an ensemble! So here's my harmony part.  All critique is much appreciated! 
Ann Meeker
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Posted: December 3, 2017
Last Comment: December 5, 2017

Ann Meeker
Posted: December 5, 2017
Thank you, Beth, appreciate the bow weight tip.
Thanks to all for your encouraging comments.  Isn't it a wonderful gift to be able to "make music"!

Posted: December 4, 2017
I am in awe of your slurs and bow usage! Excellent!! 

Beth Blackerby
Posted: December 4, 2017
Excellent bow usage and intonation! Keep trying to make those bow changes at the frog as smooth as possible. In general, I think you have a little too much weight on the strings. at the frog. All you need to do is relax the weight coming from the index finger when you change to the down bow. You won't need weight from that finger until you are in the middle of the bow approaching the tip when all of a sudden the natural weight of the bow decreases. Good luck on your performance!

Elke Meier
Posted: December 4, 2017
This was beautiful, Ann! I love Pachelbel too. Actually, a few measures of it was one of the very first pieces I played and posted here - it was even before slurs were introduced in the instruction book I used at that time :). But I remember very well the feeling of playing REAL music. And apart from that I had just switched from a chinese student violin to the very nice violin a friend lent me. 

Since the Canon is a canon you could also play along with us from the Benslow workshop last year. Just start with your part whenever the next voice comes in and it should always fit. That is actually what I did in those very early days: I took a version of the Canon I found on Youtube and just played along with my two lines over and over again :) - oh, it was such fun!

Posted: December 4, 2017
Ann, fantastic!