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Hey guys,

I finally managed to record my progress on the Seitz concerto. This was a really fun piece to work on and it's my first attempt at learning the sautillé bow stroke so my bow hand is looking a little funky. It's a really fun piece to use for my staccato study and I'm learning so much from Beth's wonderful video lessons. 

Thanks so much for listening.
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Posted: October 12, 2017
Last Comment: October 13, 2017

Posted: October 13, 2017
Thanks so much Maria, we're all in the same boat here ;-) It's really nice to learn such a fun piece like this together. 

Beth, thank you so much for your help. I struggle a lot in maintaining awareness with my bow hand, and like always I go on autopilot tilt (it's a little bit frustrating). But making this progress video is helping me a lot to see where I need to correct my bow hold. I have tried flattening my bow and sure enough, I hear more snap, crackle and pop ;-). Thanks so much!

Hi Rustam, thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean. I guess I need more 'bite' into the string to get that sharp articulation. Will experiment more on this. I need to get me a copy of the Suzuki book 4 to learn the other Seitz concertos (it would be nicer to have it all in one book instead of my loose printed copy from imslp). Let me know how you are doing on the 3rd movement and good luck.

Rustam Gill
Posted: October 12, 2017
Great job MsPolkaDotz,
Your Sautille is wonderful! I'm still working on that stroke. Luckily the Seitz concertos have plenty of opportunities to practice them. It's great to see examples of good Sautille while I'm trying to figure it out, so thank you for this post ☺️

The only thing I noticed (and this could just be a matter of personal taste) is that sometimes your spiccato does not catch the string as well as it could. In my own playing I find this occurs, ironically, when I am trying to control my spiccato with my hand too much and not letting the bow fall into the string on its own. I think if it like bouncing a basketball.

Beth Blackerby
Posted: October 12, 2017
Your sautille is going great! Unlike spiccato, it works better with flatter hair. Try flattening (less bow tilt) and really make sure your sticking steady in the middle sounding point lane. I think that will make it snap, crackle, and pop all the more.

Posted: October 12, 2017

Great work!

You made it look so easy but it's not, both you and Ayoub are superb students!

Truly inspiring and love ur DS and sautillé