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I  almost completely lost the post but good thing there's another tab open...But I could not open it so the only thing I could do is copy-paste was just the front.

Thank you Barbara and Dianne for listening and finding it soothing despite some flats and sharps, I did it all on 1st position and I got late pressing down my 1st finger on B after a long open A note because I was doing sympathetic 3rd finger vibrato on A note on E string, plus long bowing string crossing from F note on D string to G note on E string. It was quite hard doing and trying a long smooth bowing.

Here's the original post...It's that bookmark and delete so near together :(

Timing practice on bowing, string crossings and on note changes
My 15 minutes practice on proper timing on:

>bowing notes changes at the frog traveling on long notes towards the tip and reverse

>timing and coordination of right and left hand during string crossings

 > so on and so forth, sustaining notes...
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Posted: October 9, 2017
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Posted: October 10, 2017