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Sonia Lancaster
Hi All,
Just wanted to share. After getting my new violin a couple of months or so ago, I decided to upgrade my bow. I received 3 bows, a Doefler, a FTP Pernambuco and a Coda Luma carbon fibre bow. I was interested to see how they all played, especially the carbon fibre one because I'd never used one before. Wow, I loved the Coda bow. It is well balanced, behaves itself when played fast or slow and in all parts of the bow. Pretty light and beautiful to look at. So the Coda bow now sits next to my beautiful violin and I'm very happy. 
Sonia Lancaster
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Posted: October 9, 2017
Last Comment: October 10, 2017

Sonia Lancaster
Posted: October 10, 2017
Yes FTP was on the bow and no I'd not heard of it either 

Posted: October 9, 2017
Congratulations, Sonia!

I have never heard of a FTP bow- was that the name stamped on the bow?

Posted: October 9, 2017
Congratulations on your new bow. We would love to hear how it plays too :)

Posted: October 9, 2017


I hope you'll like it...

I have the same one for 3 years or so and I love it much...Not too heavy but not too light, just perfect in my opinion.