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Ok, guys, I need to get a practice routine down now that I'm starting to get into more technical pieces.

Right now I'm doing:
A printout of open string exercises
Rhythm exercises from the note reading course
Current piece (Simple Gifts)
Next piece (Canon in D melody)

I have a scale book but I've only learned 1 octave Dmaj and Cmaj and 2 octave Gmaj. I've been doing the rhythm exercises where each measure is a note on the scale.

Are there any works I can find on IMSLP I should be doing?
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Posted: August 13, 2017
Last Comment: August 13, 2017

Posted: August 13, 2017
Hi Courtney, here is a good video for that:

 348 - Practicing with a Drone for Improving Intonation

Posted: August 13, 2017
What is practicing with a drone and what is it for?

Elke Meier
Posted: August 13, 2017
Sevcik op 2 and op 3 are on IMSLP. They are bowing exercises but neither of them are open string exercises. I think it would be very worthwhile getting the Auer book for the open string exercises. It is very much worth the investment, and honestly, I think at this point in your playing you would benefit more from Auer than from Sevcik op 2.

Posted: August 13, 2017
I'm very interested to know if there are any open string works on IMSLP