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Back to the drawing board again after a month's pause...

Sigh 😔.... Practice, practice and more practice.

🎻 not giving up! 😊🌸🌸🌸🎻
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Posted: August 12, 2017
Last Comment: August 12, 2017

Posted: August 12, 2017
Hi Maria, I don't think its ever from zero if its only been a month.. you probably just need to get warmed back up on the piece which should just take a day or two. I agree, we must keep at it!

Jaime - Orlando , Fl
Posted: August 12, 2017
Of many of the things I admire about your performances Maria, is the sweet, melancholic quality to your pieces and how you bring them to life! You definitely put all your heart and soul into your playing and it shows! I know there is NO WAY you will ever give up! We ALL beat to the same drummer when you say "practice, practice, practice!" 

Keep it up! :0)