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Jerry Wright
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Here's my 7 month checkup with Gavotte from J.B. Lully.  I figure I'll get this thing figured out in another 70 years or so. :)
Jerry Wright
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Posted: July 13, 2017
Last Comment: July 15, 2017

Barb Wimmer
Posted: July 15, 2017
Sounds great, good job on the trill

Beth Blackerby
Posted: July 14, 2017
Hi Jerry, I'm out in a rural area presently without wifi and with a very weak signal so I can't watch your video, but as soon as I'm back to Austin I'll watch and give you my feedback. 

Barbara Habel
Posted: July 14, 2017
Hi Jerry

You did this quite well for 7 months playing!

One suggestion:
Try rotating your left arm when changing strings. This way your handframe stays the same and on the e-string there is more space especially for the first finger that seems to be crunched tight to the fingerboard.
Try swinging your elbow from behind, about where you hold it now, to more in front of the violin for the G-string. And back again for the e-string. Each string has a certain elbow position and just like the right arm has to shift positions between strings, the left elbow has to do the same.