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Melissa Mitchell
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Second half
Melissa Mitchell
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Posted: June 17, 2017
Last Comment: June 18, 2017

Posted: June 18, 2017

Wait !!  Did I see Jim on that cello.....wonderful solo !!

Wonderful concert folks !   :-)

Elke Meier
Posted: June 17, 2017

Wow, how beautiful! Congratulations everyone! Here I have been listening and watching with a very jealous heart - remembering the same from a few weeks ago :). What a special experience to play in such a big group! 

I liked your twist in Carrickfergus of having the solo part at the end played by the cello. At the moment I am traveling without the violin (sigh...), but I can't wait to get back to it and to play along with you!

Thank you so much, Melissa, for sharing it with us!